• Body Balancing
• Comedy trapeze, plate spinning, clothesline,
and mime by Columbina
• Mongolian contortionist by Otgo Waller
• World champion twirl sport and knife-spinning body balancing by Annetta Lucero
• Walk around characters
• Hand to hand balancing by Chobi Gyorgy
• Chiffon act by Christina Van Lou
• Hand to hand balancing rope act by
Sasha Fercoken
• Close up magic, big illusions, and magical chiffon by Kristi Toguchi 3rd generation magician
• Stilt walker
• Character actors with manipulation acts
• Rolla bolla
• Rolling globe
• Juggling
• Zoot Suit Clown
• Circus Elvis
• Clowning acrobatics
• Contortionist
• Aerial artist dual hoop
• Chinese poles
• Unicycle


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